Volvo DICE 2011D with Multi-Languages Released!

1-VIDA (Vehicle Information & Diagnostics for Aftersales) and contains service manuals, electronic parts catalogs, service bulletins, fault tracing and onboard diagnostics. Volvo 1982-2010 models.
2-VOLVO ELECTRONIC WIRING DIAGRAM for all the models 2005-2011

VIDA is compatible with Windows XP Pro.
EWD can run either installed or directly from the DVD so can be used on XP, Vista or Windows 7
Both DVDs are in English
VIDA can be run standalone on the computer as a service/parts manual or can be hooked-up to the car with VCT2000. DICE or J2534 and used as a diagnosis tool
VCT2000 or DICE are not included in the auction
No internet connection is needed – everything runs from your computer.

The program for the diagnosis, finding spare parts, contains the steps to repair cars only passenger SUV fleet including HS60, 70, 90.
System Requirements: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 Pro, running SQL Server.
Does not work with antivirus and firewall.
The screen resolution of at least 1024 * 768.


V-Checker A302/A303 Multi-Function Trip Computer FAQ

Q: What is the application car model of the trip computer V-CHECKER A302 and V-CHECKER A303?
A: V-CHECKER A302/A303 is for the VAG, Skoda, Audi models. For example, the model V-CHECKER A302 support: Sagitar, Touran, Audi, Golf, Octavia, Magotan, Scirocco, Caddy. A303 Supported models: Polo, Golf, Passat, Bora and more.
Q: Why the driving speed displayed on the computer is lower than the car dashboard displays?
A: Almost all of the car speed displayed on the meter is not accurate, mainly at the security depot, design, 2-5% higher than the actual speed, that is someone on the freeway 140Km / h, says has not been photographed speeding, in fact, the real speed at this time is 120Km / h.
Q: Why is getting slower and slower speed but the instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers are getting higher and higher?
A: When the car is in neutral sliding, the oil consumption is not 0 as everyone thought, Look at the formula: = instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (100 * Cumulative injection volume) / (speed * time). This time, less fuel injection engine, low speed , need to take more time if travel 100Km, when the speed is very low, the time is almost infinite. According to the formula, this time the instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers shown to be growing. Note: The instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers! = fuel injection quantity ah!

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Carman scan lite Korea version
This one is original from Korea , only can work with Korea cars .

Attention : This products is original and shipping from Korea , so we need about 10days to prepare that .Thank you very much for your understanding .
«Carman Scan Lite» world’s best diagnostic scan tool for Japanese and Korean vehicles for aftermarket. Small and light weight hand-type main body with LED display and USB port.

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How to use Autel MaxiDAS ® DS708

Autel MaxiDAS ® DS708 setup
Step 1: Insert the Memory Card
Make sure the SD Memory Card is inserted properly into the MaxiDAS card slot.
1. Insert the SD memory card with the metal contacts facing down and pointing toward the tool.
2. Remove the card and insert it again if the SD card is not mounting properly.
Note: Do not force the SD card into the card slot. This may damage the card

Step 2: Connect the Hardware Model& Power Supply
To provide power to this unit, use an external power supply or simply connect this unit to a vehicle with a communication cable. Press the power button once and wait until the system boots up. After a brief moment, the MaxiDAS Diagnostic Platform displays and the tool is now ready to operate. See Chapter 4 on page 10 to assist you to find the DLC on your vehicle.
Note: The scan tool does not have a battery and can not be charged, make sure the unit is connected to a power supply before using the scan tool.
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