JDiag FasCheck BT-200 Universal Car Battery Analyzer

JDiag FasCheck BT-200 Universal Car Battery Analyzer

JDiag FasCheck BT-200 Car Battery Tester is an universal car battery life detected tool for most brand car batteries. FasCheck BT-200 use world’s most advanced conductance testing technology, convenient operation, rugged shell, practical design, equipped with 10 different car battery types diagnostic modes which make technicians use with ease and fast performance.

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JDiag FasCheck BT-200 Interface

JDiag FasCheck BT-200 Interface

Test modes:

1. Quick test – System will detected car battery automatically;

2. Standard test – Car battery type is able to selected;

3. Cranking Test – Test car battery condition by detecting the start vehicle’s lowest ignition voltage;

4. Charging Test – Detect car battery life by charging and discharging test time;

5. Review Data – Review the last piece data stored in system;

Supported battery types:

CCA: 100-2000

MCA: 100-2000

JIS: 26A17–245H52






Other types

Product advantages:

1. Positive and negative reverse protection function;

2. High accuracy test results;

3. Multi-type car batteries supported and multi-testing modes supported;

4. Industrial design, easy software design, simple and practical;

5. Multi-languages support;

6. Upgrade supportable, able to add more features in future.

FasCheck BT-200 Clippers

FasCheck BT-200 Clippers

Product Specifications

1. Operating voltage: 7-18 Volts

2. Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)

3. Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)

4. VCI Size: Length\Width\Height: 124 mm (4.61”) \73 mm (2.83”)\22 mm (0.71”)

5. Packing Size: 180 mm(L) x 180 mm(W) x 55 mm (H)

6. Weight: 0.45 KG

FasCheck BT-200 Size

FasCheck BT-200 Size

FasCheck BT-200 Specifications

FasCheck BT-200 Specifications


1 x JDiag FasCheck BT-200

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