Upload Your Unboxing Photos to Win Rewards Points in OBDResource

Hello dear customers all,
OBDResource Online Store released the [Unboxing Photo Upload] function today, each users are able to upload your unpacking photos to win the Rewards points. Below are the details steps:

1. After you received your package from OBDResource, go to [My account] after you login, and click the [details] to view your order details.


2. Click [commnet] button to leave your comment and upload your unboxing photos in the product page.


3. In the product page, please choose [Add a comment] to expand the table.


4. Choose the Ratings and leave your commnets, click [choose file] or [drag your photos] to this page, then choose [confirm to upload pictures] by uploading the photos. The maximum upload size of each photo is 500KB and the maximum numbers of upload is 5 photos.


6. You can see the successful upload tips after you upload the photos to us.


7. Input the [verify code] and click [send] button to finish the unboxing photos upload progress.


More information about the unboxing photos reward points.

  1. All uploads will be verified by our website administrator within 24 hours.
  2. All uploads and pass through unboxing photos will be display in the product page.
  3. Users who upload unboxing photo will get 10-80 USD discount as loyalty points.
  4. All confirmations will be confirmed by email to user registered email account.

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