Volvo VIDA Change language

Volvo VIDA Change language

Volvo VIDA Change language details.

We install the Volvo VIDA 2014D software with multi-languages, chosen 3-4 llanguagestogether, after installed, we open All-in-one, the software lan gaugebecome Spanish, but we want to change to English, there is no setting details in the software config page.

I search the PDF user manual find the official way to change language is put the install DVD back, run the setup again, choose the language you need. So i did that, it will take 5 mins or so to install the language.

After restrat, open ALL-IN-ONE Vida still shows the other language.

Searched the registry as well, there is no language define string.


  1. The volvo vida DICE software once you installed, the language can not change.
  2. choose only 1 language when you setup the software
  3. If you want to change the language, uninstall the whole software, and re-install, it will waste you over 45 mins!

Be aware of the foolish software, anyway, if you have any solution for the software, plz let me know.