Crazy sale for X’mas from Dec 1th to 31th

Crazy sale for X’mas from Dec 1th to 31th


Dear customer all ,

Thank you very much for the support and cooperation to OBDResource in past few years.

For the coming Christmas and New year , we prepare some surprises for all of you from Dec 1th 2012 Dec 31th 2012 , many products are coming with Crazy price.

Such as

GM TECH2 with 6 softwares (GM+Opel+ SAAB+Suzuki+Isuzu+Australia Holden and chevrolet) lowest price

Launch X431 diagun + diagun mini printer , get code reader8 +USB cable+diagun battery FREE

Super mb star 07/2012 , get SD Media 09-10/2012 DVD free+ All life free update online

Renault can clip v123 + vas5054 V19+ volvo vida dice 2012A+Lexia Diagbox V6.01 lowest price

SD connect C4 07/2012 + bmw icom B class , get VAS 5054+Code reader8+EOL+bmw WDS DVD FREE

And so on

If you are interested in or have any problem ,  pls contact our salesman or pay more attention to OBDResource, Thanks .

Enjoy your time ?

OBDResource Electornics Co.Ltd (China)


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Update for Launch X431 GDS

Update for Launch X431 GDS

X-431 GDS provides quick and easy software update service, by which you can enjoy all update services including download and update the software.
Note: Enter the update center, vehicle software which can be updated are default to check, you can click [Update] to perform one-key update. You can also click [Select] to select all or cancel all. Continue reading

Beauty your car engine

Automobile engine is the heart, as the car walk to provide power, the automobile’s power performance, economy, environmental protection. Simple talk on engine is an energy conversion mechanism, the gasoline (diesel) heat, through the sealing cylinder combustion gas expands, pushes the piston to do work, into mechanical energy, which is the most basic car diagnostic tool of engine.

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Replacing Paper for your most ideal X431

Since you have your own X431 diagun ,then you should learn how to Replacing Paper for your most ideal X431. You may hear some tips,we’d like to supply more information.The MiniPrinter uses heat sensitive, 30 X 57mm (7mm core) thermal paper. Continue reading

Mongoose JLR interface VS Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM

Mongoose JLR interface VS Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM
Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM and Mongoose JLR works with what car make and model?
Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM Ford V75 Jaguar & Land Rover V121 works with Ford/Mazda, Land Rover/Jaguar, and works with ford up to 2010 year, and works with Jaguar and Rang rover from 2006-2010 year.New IDS VCM Ford & Mazda IDS V77 Jaguar & Land Rover V128 work with Ford, Mazda, Jaguar and Land Rover, works with both old and new ford and Mazda cars models, and works with Jaguar
and Rang rover from 2005-2010 year, it will ask for pin code when you program key for ford cars before 2009, while it does not need pin code for ford cars after 2010 year.
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V-Checker A302/A303 Multi-Function Trip Computer FAQ

Q: What is the application car model of the trip computer V-CHECKER A302 and V-CHECKER A303?
A: V-CHECKER A302/A303 is for the VAG, Skoda, Audi models. For example, the model V-CHECKER A302 support: Sagitar, Touran, Audi, Golf, Octavia, Magotan, Scirocco, Caddy. A303 Supported models: Polo, Golf, Passat, Bora and more.
Q: Why the driving speed displayed on the computer is lower than the car dashboard displays?
A: Almost all of the car speed displayed on the meter is not accurate, mainly at the security depot, design, 2-5% higher than the actual speed, that is someone on the freeway 140Km / h, says has not been photographed speeding, in fact, the real speed at this time is 120Km / h.
Q: Why is getting slower and slower speed but the instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers are getting higher and higher?
A: When the car is in neutral sliding, the oil consumption is not 0 as everyone thought, Look at the formula: = instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (100 * Cumulative injection volume) / (speed * time). This time, less fuel injection engine, low speed , need to take more time if travel 100Km, when the speed is very low, the time is almost infinite. According to the formula, this time the instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers shown to be growing. Note: The instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers! = fuel injection quantity ah!

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