New BMW ICOMA2 is Ready!

BMW ICOM A2 Released!!

The NEW Designed BMW ICOMA2 looks much more cool than the old BMW ICOMA1, the shape and feeling all great! the MOST adapter as well as other parts are same as the old ICOM.

BMW ICOM A2 and BMW ICOM A1 Compare:


The BMW ICOM A2 changed the main unit to new shape, it connect with an extra OBDII cable which can make you feel easy when diagnostic with cars, the old BMW A1 you can connect to car to test for sure, but you will find out how difficult when you trying to insert the stupid main unit into OBDII port directly. Even you use the OBDII external cable, you have to turn around and Twist the front part of OLD BMW ICOM A1.

BMW ICOM Fiber optical Adapter (Part B) is same with both BMW ICOM A2 and A1.

The LAN cable also same, but the BMW ICOM A2 LAN cable is a little shorter than A1.

Other parts are almost same, at least as far as i see.


The BMW ICOM A2 software is almost same with BMW ICOM A1, but some people say how about the wireless function? Well, the BMW ICOM A2 wireless function is able to be performed as well as BMW ICOM A1, if you have time, enjoy my YouTube Video of ICOM A1 Wirless function

You can check here for more details if you want to buy.

the new BMW ICOMA2

the new BMW ICOMA2

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